Utilities for testing Python BMI implementaions

The bmi_tester package provides command-line utilities for testing a Python classes that implement the Basic Model Interface (BMI). bmi_tester also provides a Python interface to the tester that allows users to run tests programmatically. The package is also easily extendable so that new tests can be added to the suite.


Install the bmi_tester package:

$ conda install bmi_tester -c csdms-stack

This installs the bmi_tester package as well as the bmi-tester command. To get help, use the -h option:

$ bmi-tester -h

If the class you wish to test is installed (that is, you can run from <something> import <class-to-test>), you can use the bmi-tester command to test your implementation:

$ bmi-tester something.class-to-test



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